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PLEASE KEEP NOTE ALL PRODUCTS ARE HAND MADE AND MADE BY ORDER ! Shipping can take up to 7-15 business days . 🤍


** For each product we recommend you use twice a day and leave application on for 15-20 minutes everyday**

New product !!!


This product helps draw out impurities in the skin , lightens dark spots/ areas , helps with hyperpigmentation, and improves acne !

Hyperpigmentation bar :

This bar helps lifts dark spots/areas and evens out the skin tone .

Eczema bar :

This bar helps with cracked skin, dry skin, scaly skin , irritation of the skin , and redness of the skin, also locks in moisture and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Acne bar :

This bar helps draw out impurities from the skin , helps improve acne , prevents black heads, and it also has antibacterial properties , also prevents scaring leaving smooth and soft skin .

Body scrubs :

These body scrubs help with hyperpigmentation, dark spots/areas , prevents ingrown hairs , prevents razor bumps , and gets rid of dead skin .

large body scrub

Hair growth serum / Facial serum :

This serum has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging properties, reduces fine lines , improves acne , reduce eye circles , helps with puffiness under eyes, prevents black heads and brightens the skin .

this serum is also a hair growth product this stimulates fast hair growth and causes the hair to be thick and healthy.

Shea Body butter : this product helps with dry skin , eczema, cracked skin , peeling of the skin and locks in moisture and gets rid of stretch marks.

Golden Glow body butter : this body butter helps with dry skin , dark spots , scars, and uneven skin tone.



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